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The Stories Kids Reveal When They Are Inspired by Books

Every book has a story. Every kid has a tale. What if they came together with art and animation? There would be real questions, real answers, real feelings… there would be KIDS’ TALES. 

The Series

Each week, children’s original stories come to life based on the themes of popular children’s books. Through art, creative writing and storytelling, kids share their personal observations about books, themselves and the world around them.

This live action/animated series explores kid-centered themes such as: overcoming fears, dealing with bullies, being different, telling the truth, expressing anger and finding yourself.

The App

Supplementing and expanding upon the KIDS’ TALES series, the App will offer additional multiple modes of experience.

With interactive lessons and activities designed to help you explore the featured books and themes, the KIDS’ TALES App will also encourage personalization of the stories with a “create your own book” feature.

What it Does

  • Stimulates creative thinking.

  • Builds problem solving skills.

  • Nurtures personal expression.

  • Develops self-awareness.

  • Encourages reading, creative writing and fine art skills.

  • By sharing their stories, kids discover who they are and who they can be!

To see more, contact Cindy Craig by clicking here

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