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A native of the San Francisco Bay area and a graduate of UCLA, Craig’s work explores  the human experience, inviting viewers to confront the silent struggles that unfold behind closed doors and within the folds of societal expectations.

Through her multidisciplinary approach employing watercolor, acrylic, collage, and photography, Craig unveils the plight of women as distraught housewives, confined within decorative prisons of objectification and isolation. She weaves narratives of infidelity, burnout, and loneliness, infusing her work with inflections of gallows humor that both disturb and captivate. Yet, under the surface of apparent distress, Craig surprises her audience with unexpected, playful combinations of materials, delivering a searing feminist message beneath the pretty, sometimes silly exterior. Her art becomes a nuanced exploration of the difference between the self presented to the world and the self carefully shielded behind closed doors.

Craig has exhibited nationally at prestigious museums and galleries in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago. Notable exhibitions include "I WANT Candy: The Sweet Stuff in American Art" at the Hudson River Museum, "Greetings From the American Dream" at the Riverside Art Museum,  "Liquid Los Angeles: Currents of Contemporary Watercolor" at the Pasadena Museum of Art, and the "National Biennial Watercolor Invitational" at the Parkland Art Gallery in Chicago.

Craig's work has been featured in prominent publications such as  New American Paintings, The New York Sun, Harper's, ArtWeek, American Art Collector, and Art on Paper. In 2019, her art was featured on KNBC news, spotlighting the emotional challenges faced by women during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Craig currently resides in Los Angeles. She enjoys cooking, gardening, mountain hiking, and  spending time with her family.  

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